Business Efficiency Assistant Program (BEAP)
Be one step ahead and manage yourself and your team more effectively and efficiently
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Next Group Start Date: Friday 5th October 2018
Investment and Payment Options
$493 + GST p/mth (for 1 member for 12 mths) 
$893 + GST p/mth (for 2 members for 12 mths) 
$1,293 + GST p/mth (for 3 members for 12 mths)
What is the first thing you need to look at?
How YOU and your key people, use your time! 

Time is the most precious commodity we have available to use, and no matter how much money you have available, you cannot buy any more of it. Therefore, the TWO key focus points you need to consistently focus on achieving is;
  •  Use time to its maximum and/or
  •  Look for ways to save time DAILY
The most successful business owners (and/or key people) KNOW this and continually invest in new approaches, technology, people, training and tactics to achieve this. This is because they know if they can UP their productivity by 20-50% WITHOUT having to increase their payroll and work longer hours, they are winning the game. 

The more minutes and hours you can focus on doing the most important things (generating higher fees, building client relationships, putting deals together to grow the firm, etc), the better your business runs. 
Q1 - What makes it worthwhile being a part of the BEAP?

To have this become a reality, you need 1, 2 or 3 proactive and focused people, to do all the little things in between this, so everything flows smoothly and as it should. 
UPSKILL and EMPOWER your admin team, so they can consistently discover practical tactics and tools to implement immediately into YOUR firm to gain the benefits of efficiency and effectiveness of your key people!
Next Group Start Date: Thursday 7th Feb 2019
"The program has enabled our Administration Leaders to have the courage and confidence to implement
positive change within the Firm and within each other. A worthwhile investment.
Makes way for great things and positive growth within our Firm. "
Cath - Executive Assistant
Q2 - What positive outcomes have happened for you since being on the program?
Benefits to your TEAM and the business
Being a powerful Business Efficiency Assistant is all about:
  •  Being efficient
  •  Being effective
  •  Being an awesome communicator and
  •  Being reliable who you can rely on to get the job done when it needs to be done and how you need it done, without the worry of micro managing them.
Your current admin team members by the end of BEAP will:
  •  Save you atleast 1.5 hours per day!
  •  Have better and practical Time and Diary Management
  •  Learn how to run awesome and hassle free events
  •  Support your clients better, and IN ACCORDANCE to your values in a much deeper way
  •  Set up and manage your internal server system in accordance with YOUR 10 hats chosen structure
  •  Know what the little 1%'ers are which have them go above and beyond
  •  Having access to tried, tested and successful systems for everyday business efficiency
"It is a “no holds barred” approach – everyone is accountable. You don’t benefit unless you participate. 
 It has covered some things that we are already aware of, and introduced some useful new methods to save 
time in our day and our Directors day."
April - Senior Admin
Q3 - What makes BEAP different to other programs you've been on?
What your team will RECEIVE
  •   Up to 7 other admin team from other firms in Australia who will share their gold and different ways they work that your team member/s can replicate for YOUR firm
  •   Expert guidance and facilitation for 3 full days (per year) which includes hot seat opportunities, specific topics that the group help your team member SPECIFICALLY each session and paradigm shifting leadership and communication training (plus a drinks and dinner together as a group the night before each full day session)
  •   Fortnightly GROUP check in calls between GROUP days to provide any support, unblock any challenges and answer any questions they might have 
  •   Access to a private forum (e.g. Closed FB group) where they can field questions 24/7 (with 48-hour business day maximum response time), we will share documents together, we can access all files and video’s mentioned in the group days and they can get feedback from other members between sessions
  •   Supply of relevant templates, scripts, how to’s and flow charts that have been created and PRACTICALLY used by our clients and myself, successfully
  •   Access to  video trainings', by TT and LH, that will continually give you distinctions and lessons on how to make your business stronger
Q4 - Would you recommend BEAP to other Biz owners for their team?
"One of best things about the program is developing relationships with people from different companies who share
similar roles and being able to bounce ideas off each other is great. I have also picked up lots of little tips and tricks
that save me time daily, many of which we have passed onto the other members of the team."
Cait - Office Manager
Your Next Steps
If you have any questions or are not sure how this will fit with your business or are not sure who or how many people to include in this training, then contact LISA on and have a chat. 

If you know this is a great investment and want to make sure your team get into this next program, then decide on who (1, 2 or 3) in your existing team who would really benefit from being UPSKILLED and SUPPORTED, that will really make a difference to your key people in the firm and JOIN NOW!

Next Group Start Date: Thursday 7th Feb 2019

Money Back Guarantee.

If your team implement the concepts and ideas they commit to and don't get at least 5 times return on investment we will give you your money back! 
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