Collaboration Group (CG)
You know when you attend an accounting conference of some sort and you get to the end of the day and go straight to the bar. You share some small talk with other firm owners you roughly know or just met while having a few drinks, and then after a couple of drinks, lips get looser and courage builds. All of a sudden you are asking questions you always wanted to ask other firms and sharing things to your peers like ‘friends’. Well this is what we do for a full day each quarter with other like-minded firms, without the “courage” drinks (well during the day anyway) 
There are 2 major differences between this and other groups you have been in before; 
  • YOU receive 1 on 1 support BEFORE (and during if you choose) you join the group, to ensure you are congruent to what you are wanting to offer your clients and also to guarantee that you are 100% clear on your path forward to enable sustainable success!
  • YOU, the members, determine 80% of the content of the day. You will tell me the topics you want discussed and what you want the group to tell you about in our group sessions! Trent Taylor (TT) (Australia’s Number 1 accounting firm and business advisory transition expert) will share the fine distinctions needed to help you implement YOUR chosen tactics and tools with high conversion and impact, in the remaining 20%!
What makes it worthwhile being in a CG & 
why did you join?
How this opportunity works for you!
The first 3-4 months, you will have fortnightly 1 on 1 phone sessions with Trent to clarify and specify your Gap Business plan (and 10 hats/org chart ), so; 
  •  You are congruent
  •  These tools makes sense to you 100%, to enhance your sharing with your clients
  •  Is practical and achievable
From there you will have 2 choices to either; 
  •  Continue 1 on 1 coaching with TT once a month AND be part of the quarterly CG’s with other like minded  accounting firms of similar size 
  •  Stop the 1 on 1 coaching support and just be part of the CG with other like-minded accounting firms of similar size
What positive things have you experienced 
since being in the CG?
Here are 3 reasons why you will start 1on1 with TT
  • Previous clients joining this program have done this and feel it is imperative to be congruent with their own business before they offer it to their client base, which I 100% agree with.
  • Every current client sees this initial 3-4-month commitment as a way of showing commitment to the future group and to demonstrate that you are committed to growth 3. 
  • It gives you confidence if TT’s approach and support is what you really want or need, before committing to joining a group and participating 100%  
    Here are the 5 key criteria you MUST meet;
    to be considered a part of our ‘stable’ of firms and so gain the MOST out of this investment of time and money are;
    • YOU have invested in The Gap, and you want to implement this the best way and in an accelerated fashion – as you KNOW that serving your clients better is the recipe for having a much better firm.
    • You are determined to change your firm right now and realise that no-one can do this on an island – this means your focus will be on growing using people’s experience as opposed to using some “turn-key software” for example.
    • You are open to change and willing to share/listen to other ways of doing things – this is critical to build TRUST and why the other members will go out on a limb to help you.
    • You have an abundance mentality – you realise there is so much work out there and plenty for everyone, hence there is no real competition.
    • You want to be held to account, even though it is not comfortable at times – this is because you realise growth and change happens with action and not just talk!
      Why is the CG different from other groups or
      conferences in the Accounting profession?
      What YOU will receive from this program?
      •  The ability to contact, share resources, give and also ask up to 6 other firms in Australia whatever you need to help you get traction with implementing The Gap bridges and building your firm 
      •   Access to the leading expert (TT) in accounting firm growth and business advisory transitions in Australia, who has all the “gap filling” systems and approaches you need to be truly successful in your growth 
      •  Access to a private forum (e.g. Slack and Dropbox) IN BETWEEN sessions where you can field questions 24/7 (48- hour business day response time) and this is where we will also share documents and files, with feedback 
      •  100% more confidence in your ability to approach your clients (and new prospects) with your offerings in the BD space, as you are congruent and have a world class team of people supporting you all the way 
      There are various groups or communities you can link to in a community and different ways of doing these events. The options are: 
      What firm should or shouldn’t join a CG run by Teach it Forward?
      Book a time in with Trent to determin if this opportunity is right for you, have your questions answered and ensure the investment is suitable for your current position. 

      OR let TT know you are interested, give him your number and he will call you at the agreed time.
        Look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the best path forward for your firm in this fast changing world! 

        Trent 'TT' Taylor 
        CEO & Founder 
        Teach it Forward 

        There is no contract with TiF because if you are not getting 200% ROI, then you can sack us immediately, without financial or time remifications.
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